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Why should you purchase a Guardian Expandible Mattress Pad?

Some of the commonly asked questions

  1. Why purchase a mattress pad?
    From the most inexpensive mattress to the most luxurious ultra-premium set, our quality mattress pads are designed to protect your new mattress from unsightly water-based and oil-based stains (please see warranty for details). It is much easier and less costly to launder a mattress pad than have your new mattress professionally cleaned.
  2. How does it work?
    The Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad provides a soft absorbent layer of protection between accidental spills and your new mattress. The DuPont Teflon® SR coating allows for easy effective stain release through normal home laundry procedures.
  3. Will this affect the mattress warranty?
    Yes. In fact, Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pads work to keep your mattress clean, fresh, and stain free-- thus helping to assure full coverage of the mattress manufacturer's warranty.
  4. What does the warranty cover?
    The Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad warranty provides coverage for the mattress pad and mattress for accidental stains caused by any food or beverages normally consumed by humans, mould & mildew stains, and all human or pet bodily fluids.
    In addition, the Guardian warranty provides a full replacement guarantee for covered stains and spills on both the mattress and mattress pad (see warranty for details).
    The mattress pad also carries a manufacturer's warranty for construction failure of the pad.
  5. Will it alter the mattress comfort?
    No. Unlike some pads that do not allow for today's thicker mattresses, our pad does not compress the initial layers of comfort built in by the manufacturer.
    You will enjoy all the comfort of the mattress plus added layers of soft absorbent materials provided by the Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad.
  6. Is it safe for children and pets?
    Yes. The Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad, pre-treated with DuPont Teflon® SR fabric protector, is non-allergenic, non-toxic and completely safe for people and animals.
  7. Will the mattress pad absorb spills?
    Yes. The Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad is pre-treated with DuPont Teflon® SR fabric protector, which is not a stain repellent, but a stain release coating. Most stains will be absorbed by the mattress pad and released through normal home laundry procedures.
  8. Is it expensive?
    No. The Guardian BedSack® expandible mattress pad is affordably priced and will actually SAVE you money in professional cleaning and replacement costs.

You deserve warrented protection with your new mattress purchase

The Guardian BedSack® mattress pad program gives you the assurance that your mattress is protected with a high performance, quality mattress pad.

We're so confident that you will be satisfied with our mattress pad, that we provide full replacement warranty coverage and FreeCall customer assistance.

Now you can rest easy in your bed, with the added comfort of a Guardian BedSack® mattress pad, knowing your mattress is well protected!

Easy to fit

Various sizes

Attractively finished

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Full Terms & Conditions on Service Card supplied with Mattress Pad.

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