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GUARDIAN Leather Care™

With warranty coverage for
accidental damage of leather upholstery

With exclusive products by Leather MASTER®

At home

Protect your Leather investment

Five year warranted
coverage for accidental:

Rips / Tears  Burns 
Stains  Punctures 
Ink / Lipstick 

Warranty also provides
coverage for cracking &
peeling leather!


Ask your Retailer
For details!


Features & Benefits

Warranty backed up with Leather Master products and services - the acknowledged leaders in leather care and technology.

Repels water-based, alcohol-based, and oil-based stains.

Contains exclusive protectors, cleaners, and conditioners all in one convenient Leather Care System!

Insured warranty coverage for accidental damage to leather upholstery.

Call Guardian Customer Service on Freecall 0500 111 501 for the life of your warranty.

Taking care of an accident or a
spill is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

 Step 1

1. For accidents, such as stains, rips, tears, etc., call us within five days. If a spill occurs, simply wipe with a clean cloth or sponge. Most spills will wipe up quickly and easily.

 Step 2

2. Clean the stained area using the methods and products provided in the Leather Care System. If the stain remains, call our Customer Service number within five days.

 Step 3

3. For difficult stains (covered by warranty) or additional warranty needs, we will arrange for a Leather Craftsman to service your leather upholstery at no charge to you.


Your leather furniture
deserves Protection

Our warranted Leather Care System program provides you the assurance that your furniture has been treated with high performance quality products.

Now you can relax in your home with peace of mind, knowing your new leather furniture investment is well protected!

Why should you
purchase leather care?

The ten most commonly
asked questions

  1. Why purchase Leather Care?
    Our Leather Care System represents the ultimate in leather care technology. The unique formulation cleans, conditions, protects and prolongs the life of your leather upholstery. Professional cleaning and repairs can be very expensive. This is a wise investment.
  2. What does it feature?
    Our Leather Care System contains exclusive formulas for enhanced leather protection, to repel damaging airborne dust and dirt, and reduce staining.
  3. How is it applied?
    An initial application of the Leather Master Protection Cream is applied by the customer. Simply by following the care video supplied. Convenient products are also provided for routine maintenance.
  4. What about other maintenance products?
    Some leather cleaning products purchased elsewhere can damage the protective finish applied to the leather. Our products are designed to enhance and protect the tannery-applied leather finish. This enhancement process prevents loss of protection through routine cleaning, wear and abrasion over time without affecting the look or feel of the leather.
  5. What does it protect against?
    Our warranty provides protection against permanent staining from all food and drinks normally consumable by humans. It also protects against human blood stains, human urine stains, and more!! This system also provides five year warranted coverage of leather upholstery for accidental rips, tears, burns, punctures, and more!!
  6. What is in the kit and how do I use it?
    The kit contains Leather Master Soft Cleaner, Protection Cream, Ink Away, Strong Cleaner, two application cloths and a sponge In addition, a Consumer Guide leaflet and Leather Care video are enclosed with detailed instructions for use of the products and advice on leather care. The kit also contains the insured warranty registration card
  7. What leather is not warranted?
    Suede, nubuck, brushed, any other non-top coated leather or leathers with exotic top finishes. Warranted leathers include top-coated leathers, semi-aniline, or aniline leathers
  8. Is it safe for children and pets?
    When used or applied according to our easy-to-follow instructions, our Leather Care System products are non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and com-pletely safe for people or animals.
  9. Is this a new product?
    For over a decade, our leather products have been available throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
  10. Is it expensive?
    No. It is affordably priced and will actually SAVE you money in cleaning and replacement costs.

Full Terms & Conditions on Service Card supplied with Leather Care Kit.

Leather types and information.

Please see our associate site Leather Master UK for details.


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